Age 50 + Plank technique.Age 50 + Plank technique.
Make the most of your isometric plank work.
Age 50 + Bicep curl technique.Age 50 + Bicep curl technique.
Curl correctly. Keep your elbows and shoulders safe and your biceps doing the work.
Age 50 + Pulldown technique.Age 50 + Pulldown technique.
Be sure to use your back properly. Spine safety is paramount once again.
Age 50 + Pushup technique.Age 50 + Pushup technique.
Keep your spine and shoulders safe with proper pushup technique.
Age 50 + Squat technique.Age 50 + Squat technique.
Squat safely and effectively with proper technique.
Age 50 + full body programAge 50 + full body program
A 2 day full body program geared to those 50 + getting back into the fitness mix. Don't forget to check out the technique videos for each exercise.