Move Like a Human

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An organized, all-inclusive library ranging from foam rolling for pain free everyday movement to anatomical positioning to increase your 1RM. Topics include: Mobility techniques, Range of motion, Exercise techniques, How to get out of pain, Common misconceptions, and Frequently asked questions

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The Philosophy

Humans were designed to move in specific, scientifically proven, movement patterns. Following this science is without question, the safest, most efficient and effective way of achieving a real and sustainable level of health through fitness. Our main goal is to spread the truth of the science behind fitness.

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According to Science Fitness offers a wide range of services including: One-on-one customized personal training, Fat loss, Rehabilitation services, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching, and Range of motion and mobility.

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Jordon | According To Science Fitness

Since I was very young I have been involved in sports and athletics. In my teens, my passion for fitness developed organically. Following University, I became professionally certified in personal training and have been ever since. With over ten years of professional experience in the fitness industry and hundreds of clients from all walks of life, my passion for health and fitness continues to grow.

B.A. hons., Western University
Personal Trainer Specialist, Can-Fit-Pro
P.I.C.P., Poliquin

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